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Our team of legal professionals specialising in all of your family law requirements.

From a young age, I decided that Law was my calling in life. Once I had the opportunity to further my studies in Law, it became clear that it was the perfect career for me…” Read more

Associate Director

Keara Ramage

Senior Associate

Michaela Ramage

Working within Family Law provides me with the incredible opportunity to assist people with their most pressing issues, that being where they and potentially their children sleep at night…” Read more

Senior Associate

Connor McKee


Matthew Kamal


Gurvinder Singh

As soon as I started to study the Law, I knew I wanted to eventually achieve a career that helped individuals to understand the Law and assist them in reaching an outcome in live cases…” Read more

Junior Associate

Elona Smith

“I have always enjoyed working closely with people and find human nature very interesting. I wanted to work in an area that sharpened my mind and involved practical problem-solving…” Read more

Junior Associate

Judith Brock

Knowing that behind every case, is a real person whose family matters are in my hands really encourages and motivates me to do the best for each and every client of mine…” Read more


Shahana Muhunthan

“I enjoy the idea of helping other individuals and assisting them to find solutions to problems they may be facing. This was one of the main reasons why I chose Law…” Read more

Junior Associate

Ekim Erbas

“I have always had a passion for law. Since completing my A Level in Law, I found it fascinating how much of an impact it has on a person’s day to day life…” Read more

HR Manager

Ellie Burgess


Ashley Paul

Pursuing a career in the legal profession was always my childhood dream and to be able to help people.I believe Perduco Law’s approach supports…” Read more


Munshat Chowdhury

Finance Manager

Michael Bulzomi

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