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We only Specialise In Divorce & Family Law

Perduco Law specialises in Divorce & Family Law. All of our solicitors have in depth experience in dealing with Divorce, Financial Settlements in Divorce, Child Arrangements and Domestic Abuse issues in both simple and highly complex cases.

We work on an outcome based billing Model not on hourly rates

At Perduco Law, we charge our clients on an outcome based billing model, This enables our clients to know exactly what they are going to pay and what they are paying for from the outset for each stage of their case. This guarantees you will not waste legal fees which result in no outcome as happens consistently with traditional hourly rate law firms. View our fees

We speak to you in a Language you will understand

From the moment you call us, you will see the difference in how we communicate with our clients – in easy to understand terms without all of the legal jargon. We pride ourselves in how we break everything down for our clients in both the process and the costs so you know exactly where you stand.

We Stand Out from the Crowd

We are a new breed of law firm created for one reason; to simplify the legal process and charge you a fair and transparent outcome based price. From the outset, we will tell you what is going to happen, stage by stage, how we are going to progress and resolve your case and what we are going to charge you for doing so. Our solicitors are targeted to resolve your case, not to bill hours.

We Care

All of our team are passionate about what they do, and are there to support you throughout what are normally incredibly difficult circumstances for our clients. We are here to guide you and resolve your matter. We are not focused on hours – instead, we are focused on achieving the best outcome for you and your family.

What is financial settlement in divorce?

A financial settlement is an agreement between you and the other party designed to sort out any and all financial issues. Furthermore, a financial settlement will fairly separate your assets once your marriage is over.What can a financial settlement include?A financial settlement can include:

  • Money, including your savings, pensions, investments and any life insurance policies,
  • Property and the contents of your household, including personal items (if valued at over £500, they must be disclosed)
  • Vehicles
  • Businesses
  • Debts, loans and credit cards

Our experts can advise on the right approach to take for your situation.

How do I deal with financial matters if these have not been agreed during the divorce process?

When a divorce application has been field at court, either you or your spouse can make an application to the court for a financial order. The Orders available include:

  • Periodical payments (maintenance);
  • Lump sum orders;
  • Orders that alter the ownership of a property; and
  • Orders dealing with pensions.

How can our Family Finance Solicitors help you

Clean Break Order

Financial Consent

Order with No Assets

Consent Order

Financial Consent Order

without Financial Disclosure

Contested Order

Financial Consent Order with

Financial Disclosure

Application to Vary or

Discharge a Financial


We specialise in divorce and financial settlement

  • We operate on an outcome based billing model
  • We communicate transparently and understandingly
  • We stand out from the crowd by simplifying our legal process
  • Above all, we care. We are focused on achieving the best outcome for you and your family, to get back to what is most important.
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Why choose Perduco for your divorce finance advice?

We understand that our clients going through divorce or dissolution want to move forward as quickly as possible to rebuild their lives. However, we also recognize the importance of financial settlements, especially when there are children involved. That’s why we prioritize your well-being over rushing decisions. Instead, we provide practical solutions and tailored advice, suggesting options that suit your specific situation. When you choose our financial solicitors, you can expect the care and dedication you deserve. We believe in minimizing time and stress for divorcing couples whenever possible, a commitment we uphold daily while assisting clients from diverse backgrounds.

What is a financial agreement?

A financial agreement is a legally binding document which is created after a divorcing couple has reached an agreement on a range of important issues. This includes child maintenance, spousal maintenance and the division of property.

What are my financial rights in a divorce?

if you’re the primary caregiver for your children and earn less, have a smaller mortgage capacity, and less retirement savings than your partner, you might be entitled to a larger portion of the finances when you’re going through a divorce. Courts prioritize the well-being of the children above all else when dividing assets, although the specifics can be complex and may vary depending on your individual circumstances.

How does divorce affect my finances Divorce is a life-changing process. Naturally, your finances will be affected. But what exactly should you take into consideration regarding post-divorce finance?
  1. mmediate Financial Worries: When a couple has been together for a while, they often depend on each other financially. It’s wise to plan for how the separation will impact your finances. We can offer tailored advice from the start of the divorce process based on our extensive experience
  2. Financial Support After Divorce: Given the major changes, it’s important to plan your finances for the years ahead. How much will your ex-partner contribute? This is especially crucial when children are involved, ensuring their future needs are secure. Separation is challenging, but you shouldn’t worry about supporting your children after parting ways.
  3. Property and Divorce: Consider how you own your property. Are you joint tenants or tenants in common? When selling the house, how will the proceeds be divided? These are vital considerations, as property matters in divorce vary. Our divorce solicitors can provide guidance tailored to your situation.
  4. Pensions and Divorce: Pensions will be divided based on your unique circumstances, including the duration of your marriage and your ages. While pensions might not be a significant concern for younger divorcing couples, those aged 50 or older need to assess how the divorce will impact their pensions.
How much maintenance is a spouse entitled to after divorce?

The court will look at your spouse’s situation after considering the children. They’ll assess their needs, assets, income potential, their living standard before the separation, and any special requirements they may have.

How much maintenance is a spouse entitled to after divorce?

If your agreement is in a court order and your spouse still won’t pay, you can ask the court to make them pay. One way is to get an Attachment of Earnings Order, where your spouse’s salary is reduced to cover your maintenance before they get paid. If your agreement wasn’t made official in court, you’ll need to go to court and get an order to make them pay.

How are finances usually divided in a divorce

The goal is to divide assets fairly. It might not be a perfect 50/50 split, but both partners should end up with equal treatment, whether they were the main earner or homemaker. Children’s needs come first, ensuring they have a place to live with the primary caregiver. Once both partners’ basic financial needs are met, any surplus assets will be divided. The court considers assets acquired during the marriage using both partners’ earnings as marital assets. Gifts or inheritances from one side’s family are usually seen as non-marital. The court aims for a clean financial separation, meaning no ongoing financial ties between the couple, except for child maintenance if needed.

Are business assets included in a financial settlement?

Business assets are considered in negotiations, but the way they’re divided depends on your specific circumstances. Even if you started the business on your own, your partner’s role in the marriage might be seen as equally significant, and they could claim half of the business’s value. Each case is unique, so it’s crucial for us, as your lawyers, to know about all business assets to determine the division.

Does it take long to deal with the finances in a divorce?

Once an Application has been made to the Court to deal with the family’s finances, a strict timetable is put in place. 

The Court tells you what financial information is needed and sets a date for the first meeting to ensure both sides share their financial details. Next, there’s a date for a Financial Dispute Resolution Meeting (FDA) to see if they can settle without a trial. If no agreement is reached, a date is set for a full financial claims hearing.

During this process, the couple can agree between themselves (with legal advice) and skip steps that don’t apply to their situation. It’s hard to predict how long this will take because everyone’s circumstances are different.

What financial information do I need to give?

To fairly divide family finances, both partners must share a lot of information. This paints a clear picture of the family’s money situation, whether they agree or the court decides.

Each partner has to complete Form E with financial details, which varies based on their unique situation. It’s vital for both partners’ lawyers to know the finances well to offer the best advice on financial arrangements. If no agreement is reached, the court uses this information to decide how to split the family’s assets and debts.

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