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Family Law Jobs and Careers in Perduco Law

We are a dynamic team of expert Family & Divorce Lawyers committed to delivering results for our clients not hours on a time sheet

Our groundbreaking innovative fee structure and stage by stage process enables our lawyers to focus on you and your family getting you the results you need whilst giving you peace of mind of knowing exactly what your legal costs are going to be.

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About Perduco Law

We Specialise In Family Law. Providing Purely Fixed Fee Legal Help to Families. It’s a structure that just works.

Breaking the mould with what we offer our clients; by hiring the right people and utilising career development and the latest technology to support them in delivering results

separate us from the rest. We are a forward thinking, tech driven family law firm. This is why we’re one of the fastest growing fixed fee family law firm in the UK.

We believe the best way to prepare our team for their journey is with a Personal Development Plan which provides them with clear targets where hard work is rewarded with career progression.

Featured Vacancies at Perduco Family Law

We’re assembling the best family law firm in The UK, In order to create that, we need the best colleagues.

Get in touch with our team if you think that might be you.

Family Law Paralegal

Location: London

Department: Lawyers/Solicitors

Family Law Solicitor

Location: London

Department: Lawyers/Solicitors

Family Law Secretary

Location: London

Department: Lawyers/Solicitors

Working in our team

Never struggle alone again when you’re working with the country’s best team of fixed fee family law experts.

Our diverse team share a passion for family law. We strive for inclusion and an open culture that encourages ideas to be shared freely, meet the team behind Perduco Law.

What our colleagues say

A career in law is intellectually challenging, rewarding & personally fulfilling. I knew a career in law was the right thing me as it encompasses a variety of skills

I have now developed a love for advocacy which has continued my passion for Law. My experience in advocacy allows me to support my clients both in and out of Court Hearings as I am highly competent in both legal drafting and carrying out Court advocacy on across various types of hearings.

I enjoy problem-solving and have always liked to think outside the box. A career in Law allowed me to develop and practice this daily.

The chance to work with clients directly and enhance my problem-solving skills by assisting them in respect of matters of such great importance was hugely enticing

Working collaboratively with clients and colleagues to achieve the best result in each and every case. I am driven by building an effective and efficient channel of communication with clients and ensuring their voice is heard.

Seeing firsthand the difference that each client achieves throughout their case and supporting them through what can be the most stressful experience of their lives is what motivates me in my role. Knowing that the hard work and perseverance that I provide to each client helps them reach their goal is what truly makes my work worthwhile.

Knowing that behind every case, is a real person whose family matters are in my hands really encourages and motivates me to do the best for each and every client of mine.

I enjoy seeing the changes in many of my clients from when they initially instruct us on the matter to the end. Feeling that you are making a difference motivates me to continue to build on my ability to demonstrate empathy and inspire confidence that I can guide a client through a difficult period, whilst ensuring I remain focused to give the best possible advice.

I enjoy the idea of helping other individuals and assisting them to find solutions to problems they may be facing. This was one of the main reasons why I chose Law as my chosen career path.

In my current role, I am able to communicate with and listen to the needs and concerns of individuals to assist them with solutions moving forward.

I enjoy seeing results no matter what. I know the process of getting to the end has still enhanced my knowledge in family Law somehow.

It is also very motivating when you receive letters from clients telling them how you have changed their and their children’s lives for the better.

Growing With You

We never stop learning, whether it’s using the newest technology to address an issue or exchanging ideas across offices. We’ll provide you with plenty of chances to learn from the people on your team and from outside specialists to help you advance your knowledge and abilities.

As we expand, you will have additional opportunities.

In order to help you succeed in family law, we aim to set you up.

Our Employee Benefits

We provide our employees with a comprehensive benefits package, which is continually reviewed:

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