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Our groundbreaking innovative fee structure and stage by stage process enables our lawyers to focus on you and your family getting you the results you need whilst giving you peace of mind of knowing exactly what your legal costs are going to be.

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We only Specialise In Divorce & Family Law

Perduco Law specialises in Divorce & Family Law. All of our solicitors have in depth experience in dealing with Divorce, Financial Settlements in Divorce, Child Arrangements and Domestic Abuse issues in both simple and highly complex cases.

We work on an outcome based billing Model not on hourly rates

At Perduco Law, we charge our clients on an outcome based billing model, This enables our clients to know exactly what they are going to pay and what they are paying for from the outset for each stage of their case. This guarantees you will not waste legal fees which result in no outcome as happens consistently with traditional hourly rate law firms

We speak to you in a Language you will understand

From the moment you call us, you will see the difference in how we
communicate with our clients – in easy to understand terms without all of
the legal jargon. We pride ourselves in how we break everything down for
our clients in both the process and the costs so you know exactly where
you stand.

We Stand Out from the Crowd

We are a new breed of law firm created for one reason; to simplify the
legal process and charge you a fair and transparent fixed price.
From the outset, we will tell you what is going to happen, stage by stage,
how we are going to progress and resolve your case and what we are
going to charge you for doing so.
Our solicitors are targeted to resolve your case, not to bill hours.

We Care

All of our team are passionate about what they do, and are there to
support you throughout what are normally incredibly difficult
circumstances for our clients.
We are here to guide you and resolve your matter. We are not focused on
hours – instead, we are focused on achieving the best outcome for you
and your family.

Our Simple Process

unmarried-couples-separation Vary or discharge child arrangement order Order for Disclosure of a Child's Whereabouts Grandparents Rights Dissolution of Civil Partnerships
unmarried-couples-separation Order for Disclosure of a Child's Whereabouts Dissolution of Civil Partnerships Varying or Discharging a Divorce Financial Order Occupation Orders TOLATA Applications
unmarried-couples-separation Dissolution of Civil Partnerships Varying or Discharging a Divorce Financial Order Occupation Orders TOLATA Applications

Take a look at what our clients say:

Questions about our Divorce Services

There are two elements to a divorce; there is the divorce itself and the financial settlement, which are both separate processes. The divorce process takes a minimum of 26 weeks.

Essentially, there are four ways to reach a financial settlement in a divorce. These are:

Financial Consent Order (No Assets, No Financial Disclosure)

Financial Consent Order (Assets, No Financial Disclosure)

Financial Consent Order (Assets, Full Financial Disclosure)

Financial Court Proceedings

Click on any of the links above for more details.

The cost of a divorce varies depending on whether there are any marital assets and if an agreement on those assets can be reached without the need for court proceedings.

Where children are involved, the best solution is for the parties to reach an amicable agreement between them on the child arrangements post divorce. If this isn’t possible, we can assist you in obtaining a Child Arrangements Order.

Read more about child arrangement orders.

Where there is domestic abuse/violence in the marriage, there is a range of protective orders we can obtain for you in the family court, including:

Non Molestation Orders

Occupation Orders

Click on either of the above links for more details.

Essentially, your solicitor will do everything involving both the divorce and financial settlement on your behalf, including

Advising you on your legal position and the best way forward. 
Drafting all legal documentation
Liaising with the court and your ex-partner or their legal representative
Finalising your divorce and financial settlement

You will need to approve the documentation before it’s sent out and provide us with instructions following our advice. 

You may also need to provide us with supporting documents such as marriage certificates and financial disclosure documents, e.g., bank and mortgage statements.

Fixed Fees means that we tell you your exact costs before you instruct us and detail the work we are going to do for that fixed fee. This enables you to know your costs in advance with no nasty surprises.

Nearly all family law firms charge on an hourly rate structure, which means everything they do on your case, whether it’s progressing your case or not, is chargeable in 6 minute units, so with hourly rates of £200-£450 per hour, these costs can quickly become disproportionate.

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